BRISTOL BEAUTY Corporate Pamper Days & Evenings in Bristol

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With over 10 years experience working within corporate services you can be absolutely confident that when you invite a BRISTOL BEAUTY Therapist into your work environment you will receive nothing less than the highest level of professionalism and quality of service.

At BRISTOL BEAUTY we understand the importance of corporate image especially when you have clients and suppliers visiting your premises so we always aim to remain as discreet and low key as possible while we are there.

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The BRISTOL BEAUTY Therapist will be presented in a professional uniform with minimal makeup and no jewellery. She will remain in the allocated treatment room in between treatments and will always ensure that she causes no unnecessary disruption to your normal working day. At BRISTOL BEAUTY we believe that only evidence that we are there should the smiles on the faces of your freshly pampered staff and clients!

Types of pamper event

We offer different types of pamper event to suit individual corporate clients’ requirements. Our corporate pamper days can be paid for by staff on an individual treatment basis. Alternatively they can be company funded as a staff benefit or as part of a client entertainment event. We also take part in charity fund-raising events and are happy to discuss details of this on an individual basis.

Facilities required

The BRISTOL BEAUTY Therapist will come fully equipped with mobile salon equipment. To host a corporate pamper event at your business premises all you will need to provide is a suitable private room with a power source, a table and chairs and nearby access to hot & cold running water.

To comply with Health & Safety regulations and ensure the safety and wellbeing of those being treated it is our policy that each individual completes a consultation form prior to treatment. Copies of these forms can be supplied and completed in advance if preferred.

Location and parking

We are happy to travel to locations outside the City & County of Bristol, however mileage charges will apply.

Due to the large amount of equipment that we carry, your Therapist(s) will need to be able to park close to your chosen venue. Please ensure that you make parking available to your Therapist(s) on the day. If parking is limited or unavailable at your venue, we may still be able to provide a service, however couch-based treatments may not be available.

In the absence of on-site parking and if your venue is situated within a metered parking area, you will need to cover the cost of your Therapist(s) parking during your event.

Booking information

If you would like to meet the BRISTOL BEAUTY Therapist prior to booking to discuss your requirements and have a complimentary sample treatment, we are happy to arrange this for you. Copies of certificates of qualification and insurance are also available upon request.

We find that tailoring our corporate pamper events to suit individual clients’ needs is usually the best approach however we have listed below the range of treatments that we offer together with an indication of pricing.

BRISTOL BEAUTY Corporate Pamper Days & Evenings Pricing Guide
For further information, to book a preliminary meeting or an event please contact us on 07831 186591 or email

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