The latest fashion in nail-wear,MINX nails

What is Minx?

Minx is a type of hard wearing, chip and smudge resistant nail transfer. It can last for up to an incredible 6 weeks on toes.

How is Minx applied?

Minx is applied following a dry pedicure where the technician will remove excess cuticle and shape the nails in the usual way. It is then applied using heat to soften and then set the product onto the nail.

How is Minx removed?

Minx can be easily removed by gently reheating the product and peeling it off the nail. (If you are removing your own Minx, to avoid damage always ensure that you peel from side to side and not down the length of the nail).

Is Minx damaging to nails?

There is minimal buffing and minimal use of harsh chemicals so Minx will not damage your natural nail.

MINX TOES (45mins) £20.00

Cut & shape nails
Cuticle treatment
Minx application from a choice of metallic colours

…can we Minx you today?

Please note that due to the mobile nature of our business we only carry a limited stock from the Minx Chromes collection. The colours available are; Golden Lightening, Silver lightening, Ocean Green Chrome, Aqua Chrome, Orange Chrome, Pink Chrome, Queen of the Jungle (sliver leopard print) & Born to be Wild (gold leopard print)

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