Ladies try to avoid waxing a few days before and during your period. Your pain threshold is thought to be lower at this time.

In-growing hairs

Some people experience unsightly in-growing hairs following waxing treatments. In-growing hairs occur because the entrance to the hair follicle at the surface of the skin becomes blocked preventing the hair from growing out thus causing it to continue to grow under the skin.

The main factors that can contribute to this are; friction from tight clothing, blocked pores caused by dead skin cells, blocked pores caused by products such as body lotions and deodorants or a combination of both. Prevention is better than cure so to reduce the likelihood of in-growing hairs occurring it is advisable to exfoliate regularly between waxing treatments. (Beginning 3 days after the waxing treatment on arms and legs and 4-7 days on intimate areas and then repeating 2-3 times per week) Avoiding the use of products such as makeup, body lotion or deodorant for 24 hours following a waxing treatment will also help. There are some very effective products available for treating and preventing in-growing hairs.

At Bristol Beauty we use and carry stock of the following Lycon after wax products. Please ask your therapist or contact us for further information and prices.

Lycon Anti-Bump Foaming Gel

Lycon Anti-bump foaming gel actively diminishes the appearance of in-growing hairs. For daily use in the shower it calms and decongests pores. Anti-bump foaming gel is pH balanced and suitable for body and face.


Lycon Ingrow X-it Spray

Gentle spray formula for the effective prevention of in-growing hairs without stinging or burning. For optimum results use daily after your bath or shower. Suitable for face and body. Contains AHA’s. salicylic acid and lactic acid to strengthen and clear hair follicles and kill bacteria.


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