Mobile WAXING treatments by Bristol Beauty


At Bristol Beauty we use both hot wax and ‘warm’ or strip wax methods of waxing.

Strip wax treatments

For larger areas such as legs and arms we use warm or strip wax which is applied with a roller and then removed with a paper strip. This quick and mess free waxing system leaves skin feeling silky smooth and hair free for up to 6 weeks.

Lycon hot wax treatments

For waxing smaller more sensitive areas such as the underarms, bikini and face we use Lycon hot wax. Lycon is a premium branded hot wax from Australia.

Used in top salons and spas worldwide Lycon is the brand of the celebrity endorsed Strip Wax Bar (Soho & Chelsea) & Harvey Nichols.

This low working temperature, hot wax is made from 100% natural ingredients, is gentle on the skin and is 100% hygienic. (Waxing the Lycon way means that spatulas are never double dipped into the wax).

Lycon hot wax’s special formulation means that it only grabs hair and not skin. This means significantly less discomfort during treatment and significantly less irritation following treatment, even in the most sensitive of areas.

With a Lycon hot wax treatment you will benefit from a reduction of up to 50% in sensation during the waxing treatment compared to other hot wax products.

Bristol Beauty’s professional mobile waxing services are available in the BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9 & BS10 areas of Bristol. (Please note; due to the equipment carried, there would need to be parking available at the address).

Strip Wax Treatments
EYEBROWS £10.00 (or free of charge with any other waxing treatment)
½ LEGS £15.00
FULL LEGS £25.00
½ ARMS £10.00
FULL ARMS £15.00

Lycon Hot Wax Treatments
EYEBROWS £10.00 (or free of charge with any other waxing treatment)
LIP £10.00
CHIN £10.00
FULL FACE £20.00
BIKINI £15.00

Combined areas

Additional Lycon Hot Wax areas (available at the following discounted prices when combined with Bikini, Thong Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood wax)
NAVAL LINE £5.00 extra
FULL TUMMY £15.00 extra
FULL BUTTOCKS £15.00 extra

For pricing on any other combination of waxing treatments, please feel free to ask.

Free eyebrow wax with any other waxing treatment.

Waxing FAQ’s

What is the difference between ‘warm’ or strip wax and hot wax?

Strip wax or warm wax as it is also known, requires a paper strip for removal. It is sticky and clings to skin as well as hair in the area being waxed. Strip wax is most suitable for areas such as legs, back and arms as larger areas can be covered and the strip waxing process is quicker than hot waxing.

Lycon hot wax is not sticky in the same way as strip wax and it does not require a paper strip for removal. It is thicker than strip wax and is allowed to cool briefly on the skin so that it shrink wraps the hair. The wax itself is then peeled away taking the unwanted hair with it. Lycon hot wax does not stick to skin, it only grabs hair. For this reason clients tend to find that hot waxing is less painful and causes less irritation than strip waxing, particularly in sensitive areas.

How hot is hot wax & can it burn my skin?

Lycon hot wax is not in fact hotter than strip wax. Traditionally hot wax had a higher working temperature hence the term ‘hot’ however due to new formulations this is no longer the case. Lycon hot wax has an even lower working temperature than so-called ‘warm’ or strip wax so there is no danger of burning the skin.

What’s the difference between a bikini wax & a thong bikini wax?

A bikini wax will remove only the hair that is visible outside a normal pair of bikini bottoms or full briefs. This includes only pubic hair that grows below the crease at the top of the leg on the front and inner thighs.

A thong bikini wax will remove all of the hair that would be visible outside a high cut thong bikini or g-string pants as well as a strip along the top of the pubic bone. A thong bikini wax therefore involves the removal of hair from a larger area including some hair inside the crease at the top of the leg, inner thigh and between the lower part of bottom cheeks. For a thong bikini wax you will need to be wearing thong or g-string style underwear during treatment or you can remove your underwear. Disposable g-string pants will be provided if required.

What’s the difference between a Hollywood and a Brazilian Wax?

A Hollywood wax includes removal of all pubic hair from the tops of the thighs and the pubic bone to the inner and outer labia and in between the bottom cheeks as far back as the coccyx bone at the base of the spine.

A Brazilian wax includes all of the above but leaves your choice of either a small strip or triangle at the top on the pubic bone. (You may have also heard this referred to as the ‘landing strip’)

Do I have to take my underwear off for treatment?

In order to ensure that you get the best results from your intimate waxing treatments; both Hollywood and Brazilian waxes are carried out without underwear. If you are having an intimate wax for the first time, please try not to feel uncomfortable about this. This is our profession, we are absolutely accustomed to working in this way and be assured that we are looking at hair and not anatomy. You wouldn’t ask a hairdresser to restyle your hair whilst you kept your hat on!

Can I have a Brazilian or Hollywood wax during my period?

Absolutely no problem. You will simply need to use a tampon during treatment and ensure that the string is tucked well inside. Some clients may find that sensitivity during treatment is slightly increased just before and during their period but there is no reason why you should not have the treatment at this time. If you have a low pain threshold and are concerned about increased sensitivity, try taking some painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen prior to your treatment.

How long should the hair be for waxing?

For legs and arms the shortest hairs should be no less than 4mm long for a satisfactory result. On bikini and underarm areas the hair can be as short as 1mm for removal with the Lycon hot wax.

How long should I wait between waxes?

Eyebrows, lip & chin; 3-4 weeks. Legs, arms & bikini; 4-6 weeks.

For more waxing information please see our waxing article . Find out more about Lycon hot waxing or if you have any questions just use our contact page.

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