Confession time… Project Nail Growth hasn’t exactly gone to plan. The dream of emerging in Spring with lustrous, natural nails is pretty much shattered.

Lagos de Moreno Whilst it started well, a month of interior decorating and furniture up-cycling has taken it’s toll. Not only do I have even less nails left than I started with but my hands have also sustained multiple minor injuries associated with sanding, painting, gluing, stapling and upholstering. All a bit of a mess.

buy Lyrica from canada Fortunately there is a tool in my professional box of tricks which, now that most of the manual work is done, will be coming out to play today. IBX nail treatment is an invisible strengthening nail treatment that uses moderate heat to penetrate the nail plate and restore delaminated (flaking) weak and brittle nails. IBX can be used independently or underneath nail polish, gel nails or extensions.

The only thing to do with brittle, damaged, flaking nails is to cut ’em short and treat ’em so here goes… Time to start again from scratch 😜 (See what I did there 😉)