Curious about intimate waxing?

utterly If you haven’t had an intimate wax before perhaps you are unsure about what’s included in the different styles of bikini wax? Our friends at Lycon have produced this handy diagram to show exactly what’s what.

Veles Lycon hot wax is a revolution in intimate waxing. As Lycon customers will testify, the gentle system causes less discomfort during treatment and less redness afterwards… but how is this possible?

nouveau site de rencontre gratuit Well, Lycon hot wax doesn’t stick to the skin like strip wax, it only sticks to hair which means that there is significantly less trauma to the surface of the skin during treatment and less erythema following treatment.

buy provigil in uk Lycon intimate waxing is also 100% hygienic. The Lycon method means that spatulas are NEVER double dipped.

Check out my waxing page for further descriptions and prices. I’m always happy to answer any questions.