Never underestimate the benefit of a traditional facial

buy Lyrica online cheap Traditional facials seem to have fallen from fashion a bit recently. Maybe due to the availability and affordability of other alternatives that promise more instant and visually dramatic results.

cytotec I’m definitely not anti botox, fillers, cosmetic electrotherapy and the like. They do a very specific job and can be transformative if carried out correctly by a qualified practitioner. Such treatments are to the face are what control pants and support tights are to the body; nothing short of a minor miracle in a crisis. The main difference between cosmetic dermatology treatments and a traditional facial is enjoyment of the process. We seem to have forgotten about that aspect. Few people get pleasure from being mildly electrocuted or having needles stuck in their face. (If you do, maybe consider a chat with the other kind of therapist). For most of us it’s a bit like the dentist; a slighty unpleasant if mercifully brief, means to an end but definitely not a go-to for relaxation.

Mahlsdorf We have busy lives and a relaxing treatment can be a rare and precious opportunity to remove all distractions and switch off.. both literally and figuratively. Where else do we get to lie down for an hour or so uninterrupted in the middle of the day?

In an ideal world we would all spend quality time massaging moisturiser into our faces and necks on a daily basis but lets face it, as a DIY job, most of us grown-ups have neither the time or the inclination. (If you do manage this btw, hats off to you. Consider yourself winning at life).

Specific products and ingredients aside; just the process of a manual facial will boost skin circulation, relieve tension in the face and neck as well as lowering blood pressure. As any fan of relaxation massage will tell you; the power of touch is not to be underestimated for it’s calming and mood enhancing qualities. Add to that, some thorough exfoliation and a big dose of moisture to the skin and you have the recipe for not just looking better but feeling miles better too.