Fingers crossed for 12th April….

buy ivermectin ivermectin As per the government announcement at the beginning of this week, I’m very much hoping to be back to treating you all from 12th April. I should also have had my first vaccine by then too so will be nice and safe to visit you. Remembering last time (we were on, then off again, then on again 🙄) it makes sense not to be booking anything in just yet. Many of you won’t know how your own diary is looking yet for seven weeks time anyway. Those that had appointments cancelled in January will have priority booking as soon as the reopening date is confirmed. According to the plan, this confirmation should happen at the end of March.

buy pfizer Lyrica online At the end of March I will be in touch with all those that had January appointments cancelled first and once that’s sorted the appointment diary will then be open to all in the usual way.

Can’t wait to see you all!