Lockdown #3

What I’m learning about lockdown is that when you can’t work, it’s important to have one or two projects. However minor or mundane, the little jobs we can do whilst staying at home give the days and weeks some much needed purpose and routine.

There are a few little home improvement jobs at Bristol Beauty HQ that require attention but I’ve also decided to try and get a bit of length on my natural nails.

So to kick things off today; a builder gel overlay which hopefully will give them half a chance of not all spontaniously breaking off the minute I’ve committed to the project. I’ve never been a nail-biter but confess to being a bit heavy handed and therefore nails often get broken before they have had a chance to get very long.

Builder gel is essentially what is used to secure gel nail extensions but can also be used on natural nails to protect, strengthen and prevent breakage. It’s a product that sometimes gets a bad press but provided it’s applied and removed correctly there’s no damage to the natural nail underneath.

They will need in-fillng in 3 weeks so progress report to follow!