LOOK WHAT’S NEW!…..Brow lamination

During lockdown #2 in November, I was at first a little surprised and then quite pleased to learn that all education, including beauty training was still permitted under the latest rules I decided to make good use of some of the time and did a little course in Brow Lamination. If you’re not sure what it is..neither was I initially I’ll be honest.

Brows, like lashes are big business just lately. Perhaps not a coincidence that many of us go about at least some part of our day with the bottom half of our face covered. No surprise then that lipstick sales have plummeted and were all about the eyes. You may have also noticed a trend for brushed up fluffy eyebrows. Like most things the current generation thinks it’s invented, they’re wrong 😉 In fact this look has been around the block before. Those of us of a certain age will remember this was also a bit of a thing in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I distinctly remember trying (and mostly failing) to emulate Madonna and Brook Shields big brows around that time.

So brow lamination what is it? What does it do?

What brow lamination does is sets the brows in that brushed up fuller looking position. The process works in a very similar way to a perm or chemical straigthening treamtent for your hair. It also enables the technician to redirect any that are a bit wayward, fill in gaps and even out any asymmetry. The result gives a sligtly thicker texture to the hair which also helps to achieve a fuller browed look. It’s not just for those already well endowed in the brow department. If your brows are a bit thinner than you’d like, this treatment can achieve a fuller look without the use of microblading / semi permanent make-up. A great way to see if you like the fuller brow look before committing to a more permanent solution.

If some of the pics you’ve seen on Insta etc seem a bit scary, fear not; they are extreme (and often photoshopped too) This treatment can be tailored to be as dramatic or as natural as you want it. Also included in the price is your usual brow wax / tweeze and tint as required. The results last for up to 8 weeks and all you need to do maintenance wise is to keep brushing them up to keep the look.