’tis the season to wax

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buy Lyrica belfast If you’ve been thinking of trying waxing, there’s no better time fo year to start.

can you buy Lyrica online Here’s why..

can you buy stromectol over the counter The hair growth cycle means that you will need to let body hair grow for about 4 weeks to get optimum results.
A Tricky call in the summer I know, what with short sleeves and bare legs and summer holidays.

If however you begin a good waxing cycle in the long-sleeves & long trousers season,
by the spring you’ll be in a good waxing routine and the regrowth will be less obvious and much easier to live with.

There’s a reason regrowth from epilation (pulling the entire hair out from the root) is much softer and less coarse compared to depilation
(chopping the hair at the surface of the skin as in shaving or hair removal cream). Individual hairs have a tapered shape with a fine
point on the end and a thicker shaft towards the route so chopping the hair at the thickest part when you shave or cream means the
regrowth will always be coarse and bristly.

Think of men with facial stubble: Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Jason Statham. You’re welcome 😉

Brand new hairs that emerge after waxing have fine, soft ends which are less visible and less obvious to the touch.

So why don’t men wax their faces?.. you may ask.
Well in some cultures, notably Middle Eastern, they do! (Honestly, if you don’t believe me search it up online).
Men’s facial hair is just about the coarsest and most dense hair there is and coarse, dense hair means strong roots and lots of them
so male facial waxing is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

So other than less visible regrowth; why wax rather than shave or cream…?

1/ Long lasting results. Most women will find they only need to wax legs,underams & bikini every 4-6 weeks.
2/ Zero skin damage. Ditching the razor means avoiding those nasty little nicks that can leave scars.
3/ Ditch the itch. No post shave/cream rash or regrowth irritation.

Another alternative is just donne the tights and boots and let it all grow til the spring
but a word of warning on that; beware the “Hello from the other side” phenomenon….that’s leg hairs poking through 70 denier tights.
You know it’s a thing 😉